Pairing: WonKyu

Rating: PG 13

Category: Fluff (maybe)

Summary: Siwon forgot very important anniversary. How will Kyuhyun feel?

AN: This is the first time I’ve written a fic in English, so I’m not sure that my gramma was correct. Anybody who is good at English please chek it for me. Thankyu ^^

And to every readers. Enjoy~


_ Siwon, where is my present?

_ Huh? Why do I have to give you present today? – Surprise Choi Siwon.

_ You don’t remember? This is 1013-day-dating anniversary. – Kyuhyun is in a very bad mood of hearing that his lover forgot their important day.

Siwon laughes at Kyuhyun’s angry but cute face:

_ Haha~ 1013 day, really? I thought there is only 1000-day-dating anniversary. What is 1013?

_ Yah, your silly. 1013 is our numbers. – Kyuhyun is really really really mad at Siwon’s behavior. He stands up and goes to their room, closes the door makes a loud noise.

Realizing a serious problem, Siwon quickly goes along his little love.

_ Don’t mad ai me Kyuhyunie. I’m jusy joking you. How do I forget this day? I even bought you many beautiful pres…

_ Really? Where? Where? – Not letting Siwon speak out all his sentence, Kyuhyun askes earnestly, forgets every madness earlier.

Siwon takes out of the underbed a box, opens it. Kyuhyun opens his two eyes widely when seeing the things in the box.

_ Like it baby?

_ Like? What will I do with vibrators, KY and girly pants?

_ You can use these right now. Of course, with my help.

And after Siwon smirks, all the lights in 1013 room are turned off.




Ps: This is only a short conversation which I wrote during doing English examination, so it won’t be interesting at all. Hope you guys liked it. And this also can be my last post here as an admin of SIWONestVN@wp. Thankyu for encouraging me the past time.

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